I don’t know about you, but nothing says ‘Valentine’s Day’ to me quite like a child playing with a gun.

Except maybe herring. But for some reason nobody seems to make Valentine’s Day cards involving â€“

– Oh! Well. Good.

More in this Flickr set of vintage Valentine’s Day cards.

Roger Ebert recently posted a gallery of vintage science fiction magazine covers to his blog. The man may not know a damn thing about computer games, but in other ways he’s a wonder.

I’d read any of these in a shot. The sad robots! The inexplicable miniature elephant and its suave ape owner! The charming alien tourist breaking the 4th wall! No wonder science fiction magazines used to cram superlatives into their titles – they earned â€™em.

Astounding Science Fiction, October 1953

Astounding Science Fiction, October 1955

Imaginative Tales, July 1955

Galaxy Science Fiction, August 1952