A Hospital for Boys / Alan Trotter
6,000 words
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‘DRM-free, like all books should be!’

The Board of Governors meets again: these upstanding men have much to decide. There is the construction of the Hospital to manage, the hiring of reliable, discreet staff, the first intake of boys – and, of course, the mysterious needs of the Founder to attend to...

For readers of M.R. James and House of Leaves, ‘A Hospital for Boys’ is a short story of creeping horror, of unspoken evil and the business of dark deeds.

Alan Trotter is a writer based in Edinburgh. His first novel, Muscle (Faber & Faber, 2019) is now available to buy.

he wonders under what circumstances measures of fortification such as those anticipated and allowed for by the Founder should ever be required by a Hospital for boys
Cover and type design by Jessie Price. Copy by Sam Binnie.