A Hospital for Boys / Alan Trotter
6,000 words
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The Board of Governors meets again: these upstanding men have much to decide. There is the construction of the Hospital to manage, the hiring of reliable, discreet staff, the first intake of boys – and, of course, the mysterious needs of the Founder to attend to...

For readers of M.R. James and House of Leaves, ‘A Hospital for Boys’ is a short story of creeping horror, of unspoken evil and the business of dark deeds.

Alan Trotter works in London and is studying for a PhD in Glasgow.
He has written for the Guardian and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and previously won the Sceptre Prize for emerging writers.

he wonders under what circumstances measures of fortification such as those anticipated and allowed for by the Founder should ever be required by a Hospital for boys
Cover and type design by Jessie Price. Copy by Sam Binnie.